The Complete Tracking Solution...

CareWhere makes unique world class tracking solutions for almost every application. We design, build and install market leading systems incorporating GPS, mobile, sensor and radio technologies.


The Technology

GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite location technologies

Dual motion sensor system

Super sensitive GPS and GSM antenna system

Suitable for 24v, 12v, 6v and self powered applications

Internal battery backup

Waterproof and robust

Small and easy covert fitting

Alerts when power source removed

Reports activity and location in real time

Identifies when asset is in use

Data logs all activity for post event download

Reports if asset is moved outside of user defined areas (geofences)

Works anywhere in Europe - other options are available


The Service


Live location reporting at variable intervals

Fitting service available

Recovery service available

Free phone app for asset monitoring and management

Free mapping panel access for central asset management

Easy to use geofence system via phone app or mapping panel

Bespoke design and installation options available upon request

Prices start at £150 excl. VAT (subscription required - see below)

Subscriptions start at £6 per month

Roaming sim card option available

Speed track service available

Can be located in the event of theft, accident or breakdown