The Complete Tracking Solution...

CareWhere makes unique world class tracking solutions for almost every application. We design, build and install market leading systems incorporating GPS, mobile, sensor and radio technologies.


The Technology

GPS/GNSS/GSM/RFID/Sensor technology

Tracks and controls multiple assets using GSM, RFID & iBeacon technology

Indoor and outdoor location system

Adjustable range from 10m to 1km

Location frequency from once per second

Amazing battery life from 6 months to 5 years

Sensor data options including motion, light and temperature

Mobile and fixed GPS/GSM/RFID/Bluetooth control hub

Radio bridging system

Fixed or mobile applications

Plug and play - no infrastructure required


The Service


Live location reporting at variable intervals

Monitor motion and location of any asset

Fitting service available

Control panel access for central asset management

Bespoke design and installation options available upon request

Roaming sim card options available

Prices dependent upon survey, volume and specific requirements - contact us for more details